Mindfulness is a mental state that arises when we train our mind to increase the perception of the only reality that we are able to live: the present moment. It is our ability to develop conscious attention to everything we are doing. It is the presence of mind that leads us to observe and accept how we are during our daily lives, and how we proceed in life.

Currently, a large part of the world’s population increasingly recognize the importance and need to access this type of attitude, to the point that the scientific interest in mindfulness practices has found space in important universities and companies, which recognize the benefits, for students and workers: greater attention and increased performance.

We are getting more and more aware of this: without the accompaniment of our conscience, without wanting to get closer and access our deeper essence, it is difficult to make a real change. And without an internal change we cannot evolve. Mindfulness is actually an intrinsic tool, it is in our nature, but we don’t know how to use it, or still too little. And like any internal resource, it must be cultivated, step by step, through behavioral and thought exercises, meditation practices, often very concrete, also adaptable to a fast and lively lifestyle, or even just unconscious.


What do you need mindfulness for?

Develop a constant self-perception; stay in the here and now; identify how your mind promotes a vicious circle to unnecessary behavior; elevate your vibrational frequency; power inner voice; align yourself; create your space of happy solitude.

Self discovery

The absence of a real education in knowing and taking care of ourselves (spiritually and mentally, not only physically) leads us to live like sleepwalkers, we walk in the sleep. How much do you listen to your intuition? How’s your energy? Are body, mind and soul working in unison?

You are the protagonist

I propose an approach that involves the use of different disciplines. The important thing is to choose and practice what you feel most in tune with, what most leads to achieving desired results, what works for you immediately. As in coaching, you are the protagonist too.

How does the process work?

Whether you have or you are part of a work team, whether you want to practice alone, in couple, or with your family, through the path that best meets your needs, I support you to become more aware, to get out of this sleep (or to keep yourself out, if you are already out of it).


By experiencing yourself, you will be able to constantly analyze your current state and observe the quality of your relationships with others, personal and professional habits, and you will begin to have a slightly higher look at existence. Awareness comes, but you have to be available to it.

Improve your existence

You will experience the techniques and practice, you will realize then how you perceive yourself since you started, or restarted, your journey as an inner tourist. Once again: the sooner you immerse yourself in the process of self-observation and in the relationship with your essence, the sooner you will realize that you are leading a conscious existence. And I feel like adding: a lighter, more meaningful and joyful existence.


Attention exercises

They are targeted based on what you want to achieve, they are practical, we will do them during the sessions and you will have to replicate them alone, or in a group (ideal for teams in the company). These are very important awareness exercises that help you activate a winning attention mode for a more complete existence. They fall into two categories: – Routine exercises: they are external exercises, practicable at times of the day when we trigger “autopilot” and do things repetitively, letting the mind wander between memories of the past or worries about the future. They constantly bring your focus back and align you instantly, coming out of your loop. They can be done anywhere, regardless of the external environment. They are short and have no particular rules to follow. –Out of routine excercises: they are internal, achievable by dedicating a few more minutes exclusively to your internal path. They serve to automate your acquired mental state with routine exercises. It is like learning to perceive yourself as minutes, hours and days pass in a constant state of mindfulness. An appointment with yourself, which never ends, because you will come to love your own sweet company.


There are as many types of meditation as there are individuals in the world. This is because it is personal, intimate, the best way to connect with your essence only you can feel it. Not everyone manages to remain seated and motionless for a long time in a specific position. Some meditate in silence, others running, eating, some do it when they love, others help each other with the four natural elements. We will all see them, but meditation is a skill, you can acquire it but you cannot teach it. The patterns I share along the way are fluid. I leave you the ingredients, then you make the dessert. Recipe? You will find out that depending on how you mix the ingredients you will get different delicious desserts.

Chakra reading

It is a simple practice that allows you to find out if your chakras are aligned and in balance or not. The Chakras are our main 7 energy centers, each related to certain emotions, sensations, mental and spiritual functions. By often neglecting our inner side, we do not realize that when we are subjected to physical or emotional tensions the Chakras can temporarily block. It is therefore said that the Chakras, or some of them, are not in balance. Knowing this makes the difference in a mindfulness journey, because the Chakras are the gateway to a deeper connection with our essence. Hard to imagine living a life ignoring them completely. Once you have read your energy and discovered which of your Chakras are currently unbalanced and need your attention, you can align them, that is, put them in balance, unlock them. With this practice, I will show you in a very simple way how you can access your Chakras and harmonize your energy whenever you feel the need.


Let’s build something wonderful together!