Let’s take a picture of your life in … 3 months? 1 year, 5 years? You decide it, it is the picture you want to see when you will be reaching your goal. Only you can tell me what you are looking for, where you want to go. I’ll help you define it in detail, it’s your goal.

Let’s take a picture of your life today: what are you doing? what are you not doing? how do you feel in being where you are? Let’s define your starting point, what’s wrong today and what’s already going well. Looking at these two photographs, differences will emerge: your current state does not coincide with the desired one (not yet). We will therefore begin together to identify the ways (the action plans) to realize what represents your change and your improvement (the goal).

You will make the most of your vision, because it will become your direction. Everything that will allow you to act, to take the first step, to start. Have you ever seen a navigator working without departure and arrival addresses? Have you ever seen a driver driving without knowing the exact destination? Will a mountain guide accompany you to unknown peaks?

Sounds hard. What makes you then believe that your life path is so different? Waking up in the morning and set on autopilot without ever wondering: where am I going? Where do I really want to go? it cannot go well forever, unless you want to continue to accept a lifestyle that is below your potential, that feeds your dissatisfaction, or that simply does not improve you as an individual.

I won’t tell you that everything is possible, I am not here to motivate you. Motivation doesn’t last long. Coaching is a very powerful tool that always works. But it works if you act. Or rather, if you act well! In a certain way, which I help you find. The results will be quantified based on your behavior, from one session to another. This will be an indicator of your success.

Coaching is a path that leads you to act, where you are not acting, or to do something different, than what you usually do. How long have you been repeating the same behaviors and getting the same results (or not getting them)? Your change is related to the awareness of what you do every day, and how you do it.

Maybe it’s been years since your days are spent the same way, it’s been a long time since most of the thoughts that occupy your head and the excuses you tell yourself are the same, and above all, that your evolution as a human being is stationary. And you have already realized it: you are not living, you are repeating the past.

How much are you willing to live a better life (your best!)? I say it’s never late, but the sooner you start (or start over again) the sooner you get there. And it always starts with something very simple, very concrete, often with a daily action. And an action repeated over time is automated, and it becomes a habit. I train you to create healthy habits, starting from your daily life.

Ps. I will give you exercises and homework to do. Get ready. I said it works, I didn’t say it will be easy! And I add: 1 is better than 0, so it works if you totally immerse yourself in the process and start acting, with what you have and from where you are.

Which kind of coaching are you looking for?

Life, Career, Mental Coaching … The areas of intervention are manifold. Truth is, it all depends on your goal.

As a coach, I walk you through this extraordinary change and I support you in achieving your personal, family, professional life goals, but above all in achieving a conscious and pleasant lifestyle. I leave you some questions, divided by coaching intervention areas. You can reflect to understand where you need to start at this moment of your life.



  • What kind of person are you today?
  • How do your days start? 
  • How do you use your free time?
  • What would make your life complete if something is still missing? 
  • How do you feel in knowing exactly where is your life going? 
  • What kind of relationships do you attract?
  • If you continue to do what you are doing, how will be your life in 3 years? 
  • What are you tolerating today that doesn’t make you happy? 
  • What are you looking for, more than anything else, in this life?


  • How do you feel when you get up in the morning? 
  • And when are you going to sleep? 
  • What do you do when you sabotage yourself? 
  • Which part of you are you listening to? 
  • What do you perceive when you think about this situation? 
  • What has come the moment to tell you? 
  • What’s the relationship between your results and your ability to focus?


  • How satisfied are you with what you do every day? 
  • How far are you in your career? 
  • What decision will allow you to make a jump?
  • Which hard skill do you need? 
  • Which soft skills you need to train? 
  • How can you improve the balance between professional and personal life? 
  • Where do you want to be professionally in 5 years? 
  • Your work would be perfect if it weren’t for ..?
  • What you have to do from tomorrow to achieve your best performance? 


  • What relationship do you have with your body? 
  • How do you see yourself when you look into the mirror? 
  • What eating habits should you eliminate? 
  • What prevents you from training as you would like? 
  • What do you do when you really take care of yourself? 
  • How do your habits affect your life?

Nothing is already so good that cannot be improved. Get started! Your time is precious, not infinite.